Pre-Doctoral Programs

From the first days of the freshman year to the day of graduation, the faculty and staff of the Predoctoral Division of the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry play a major role in the training of dental students. With more than 75 full and part-time faculty and staff, the Division is the largest in the Dental School and is larger than any Departmentother than its home Dept of Comprehensive Dentistry. From Dental Anatomy and Esthetics to Preventive Dentistry and Dentures, the division is accountable for the majority of the pre-clinical and clinical training of our students.

In the first two years the students receive training in the preclinical courses of Dental Anatomy, Restorative Dentistry, Crown and Bridge, Removable Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry.During the last 2 years of Dental School, the vast majority of the student’s time is spent in one of the 8 General Practice Groups. These groups are staffed and managed by the Predoctoral Division Faculty. Overall, during the 4 years of Dental School, more than 50% of the total curriculum hours and more than 50% of the courses taught are the responsibility of the Predoctoral Division of the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry.