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What is ImageTool?

UTHSCSA ImageTool (IT) is a free image processing and analysis program for Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows ME or Windows NT. IT can acquire, display, edit, analyze, process, compress, save and print gray scale and color images.IT can read and write over 22 common file formats including BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF and JPEG. Image analysis functions include dimensional (distance, angle, perimeter, area) and gray scale measurements (point, line and area histogram with statistics). ImageTool supports standard image processing functions such as contrast manipulation, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection, median filtering and spatial convolutions with user-defined convolution masks. IT also has built-in scripting capabilities that allow the user to record repetitive tasks and playback saved scripts to automate image analysis.

ImageTool was designed with an open architecture that provides extensiblity via a variety of plug-ins. Support for image acquisition using either Adobe Photoshop plug-ins or Twain scanners is built-in. Custom analysis and processing plug-ins can be developed using the software development kit (SDK) provided (with source code). This approach makes it possible to solve almost any data acquisition or analysis problem with IT.

ImageTool now has a complete scripting language built into the application. This provides access to over 200 image processing and analysis function in IT. This allows not only automation of repetitive tasks but extension of the program without the need for a compiler and additional language expertise.

ImageTool provides for geometric transformations such as rotate, flip vertical, flip horizontal and magnification up to four levels. All analysis and processing functions are available at any magnification factor. The program is a multiple document interface (MDI) application supporting any number of windows (images) simultaneously.

Spatial calibration is available to indicate real world dimensional measurements such as millimeters, microns, feet, miles, etc. for linear and area. Density or gray scale calibration can be done relative to radiation or optical density(OD) standards.

ImageTool now provides for image annotation with text, arrows, rectangle, ellipses and polygon.

ImageTool is in final release 3.0, we would appreciate any bug reports and suggestions to improve IT as a tool for imaging research. Bugs will be fixed and improvement made as time permits.

ImageTool was written using Borland's C++ version 5.0.2 and the source code for the executable is available free of charge. IT was developed in the Department of Dental Diagnostic Science at The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas. The program was developed by C. Donald Wilcox, S. Brent Dove, W. Doss McDavid and David B. Greer.


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The authors would like to thank the following individuals for the support and contribution to this project: Stephen R. Matteson, Pirkka Nummikoski, Robert P. Langlais, Tom Deahl, Olaf Langland, Stella DeVoise, Peg Campbell, Kenneth L. Kalkwarf and John P. Howe.

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