The Image Processing Tool Kit



With the addition of the Adobe Photoshop processing plug-in interface, users of UTHSCSA ImageTool can now take advantage of the additional analysis and processing functions provided by the Image Processing Toolkit developed by Chris Russ and John Russ. Processing routines such as Fast Fourier Transforms, Watershed Segmentation, Complete Boolean Operations, Binary Morphological Operations and much, much more.

The Image Processing Tool Kit is an extensive collection of image processing and analysis functions which are distributed on a CD-ROM. These additional functions can be installed into the UTHSCSA ImageTool program. The CD-ROM also contains a large collection of images which can be used to demonstrate the different processing functions. In addition an extensive tutorial on basic and advanced image processing techniques is provided with the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is intended to be a companion to the "Image Processing Handbook", 2nd Edition by John C. Russ, 1994, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, ISBN 0-8493-2516-1. A reference which I highly recommend for anyone who is involved in image processing.

The following is a list of functions that are available to ImageTool users with the Image Processing Tool Kit.

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