Q. What is the latest version of UTHSCSA ImageTool?
A. Version 3.0 is the final release

Q. Will ImageTool run under previous versions of Windows NT?
A. No, ImageTool requires Microsoft Windows NT version 3.51 (build1057) or later.

Q. What types of scanners are supported by ImageTool?
A. ImageTool supports any TWAIN compliant scanners, including flatbed,35mm and hand scanners. More Info

Q. Does ImageTool provide support for digital cameras?
A. ImageTool provides support for most digital cameras that provide a TWAIN driver. More Info

Q. Does ImageTool provide support for frame grabbers?
A. ImageTool provides support for Data Translations image capture boards. ImageTool also support frame grabbers which are based on the TWAIN standard such as the Snappy and In-Sync capture boards. More Info

Q. Were can I get the Source Manager for the TWAIN interface?
A. All TWAIN documents and files are available via anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.twain.org/pub/users/twain or visit the TWAIN web site. Make sure to get the appropriate version for either Win95 or WinNT.

Q. Does ImageTool provide a method of importing non standard image files?
A. Yes, IT provides a binary file filter for non standard gray scale or color images. In version 1.27, the software automatically tries to open a file with standard file formats if this fails a dialog box is displayed which allow the user to specify the width and height of the image, the file header size. You can also use the Import command to specify the file format for loading a file.

Q. What image bit depths does ImageTool support?
A. IT version 1.27 support 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 bit grayscale, 8 bit color and 24 bit color images. More Info

Q. How can I obtain the source code for UTHSCSA ImageTool?
A. The source code for ImageTool and all associated plugins are available via anonymous ftp at ftp://maxrad6.uthscsa.edu/ftp/pub/it/source The source code was written with Borlands C++ version 5.0. Plugins can be written any language which is capable of producing a 32 bit DLL.

Q. What is Object Analysis?
A. Object analysis provides for the counting and measurement of objects within and image. More Info

Q. What are Image Stacks?
A. Image stacks provide for the collection of multiple images within a single construct. More Info

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