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Thank you.> Right now, ImageTool only support s the DT3155 frame grabber, although => support for additional grabbers may be provided in the future.  IT is => supposed to provide TWAIN support, but I broke that in the last release. =>  I hope to get it fixed in the very short-term.> > DonAs I know low cost (under 200 $) frame grabber Zippy from Play, Inc have a TWAINinterface and is compatible with ImageTool. For more information about Zippy pleasesee: KakerSEM-EDS LaboratorySlovenia Tue, 4 Jun 1996 13:32:11 -0700From: Brian Wilfley To: IT-LIST@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: Bug reportMessage-ID: <199606042032.NAA23933@captain.>Hi,        I just got IT yesterday and have been fiddling a bit.  My first trywas to open the file "Blobs.tif".  After a little manipulation of buttonsmore or less at random I got an error which I didn't write down.  BUT I gotthe error twice more and did write those down.  The text of the error box was:        Instruction at 0x00266097 referenced memory at 0x00000000.  Memorycouldn't be "written".and        Instruction at 0x002660b2 referenced memory at 0x0082f1be.  Memorycouldn't be "written".At the moment of the crash, I was dragging the window containing the "blobs"image.  When I released the left mouse button, the crash occurred.  I'mrunning a 90 MHz Pentium with 64 MB and Windows NT v 3.51 (Build 1057:Service Pack 3).I've since tried to replicate the problem (for a total of 10 minutes or so)and haven't.Brian P. Wilfleybwilfley@mariners.comSenior Member Technical StaffCardiac Mariners, Inc.120-B Albright WayLos Gatos, CA95030voice: 408 364 8605fax:    408 379 6601------------------------------Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 17:12:50 -0400From: "Peter D. Cherry" To: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: Re: image capture with DT3155WINDOWS 95 DRIVER available!Message-ID: <>S. robert Hilfer wrote:> > I am a new user of IT after years of using the dos version of> ImagePro-Plus.  We are using win95 and a DT3155 board and cannot capture> images.  Is the board only supported in NT, and if so will support for> win95 be available soon?If you look at the tech support file directories at Data Translation's Internet site, there is now posted a windows 95 driver(combined with win 3.11 support) for the DT3155.  Data Translation had promised this driver would be available in March of 1996, and the files are so dated, but I don't think it was actually posted until very recently.  This driver was not available when the board was shipped.  I have installed it and I am acquiring video using Axon Imaging Workbench under Windows 95.  However, this driver always fails with Image Tool.  I wonder if Image Tool needs to be modified to take advantage of the windows 95 driver for the DT3155?Regarding NT, it seems clear that Data Translation would be happy if Windows 95 went away so they support NT exclusively.  They have posted articles that suggest that NT is the way serious imagers should go------------------------------Date: Fri, 7 Jun 96 11:43:48 +0200From: Christian Heuss To: Subject: Axon Imaging WorkbenchMessage-ID: <>Dear Imaging community,I am currently using a Macinthosh (Quadra840) based Ca2+-Imaging System(Improvision) on an upright microscopy using amonochromator (Till Photonics) and water-immersion lenses (Zeiss) for thesynchronous measurement of Ca and electrophysiology (sharp and patch). Aswe are quite unhappy with the Macinthosh system (bugs in the software,slow aquisition speed, lousy support by the company etc.), we arethinking of changing to another system. We want to keep the fast-speedmonochromator (excellent) and the camera (Photonic SCience, extendedISIS) but would like to exchange the computer-hard- and softwarefavourably to a PC.Important for us is the synchronisation with our electrophysiology setupwith TTL pulses (pClamp6, Axotape, Axobasic all Axon Instuments runningon a separate Pentium PC) and the aquisition speed. We should have thepossibility to aquire at video-rate, if we want.So the system that we have in mind at the moment, is the Axon ImagingWorkbench Software and the Digidata2000 framegrabber (both AxonInstruments). The software seems to be quite good (tried the demoversion)and the framegrabber is fast. Also the synchronisation should be withoutproblems. Last but not least the price of the system is relatively cheap.(software and grabber around 7000$)Is there a driver for the Digidata2000, that allows aquiring images with IT ?So has anyone of you used this system or can recommend an other one?Thanks for your repliesChristian Heuss________________________________________________________________________Christian HeussInstitut fuer Hirnforschung der Universitaet ZuerichBrain Research Institute, University of ZurichAugust Forel-Strasse 1CH-8029 ZuerichSwitzerlandTel  41-1-385 63 65 (direct)     Email: heuss@hifo.unizh.chFAX  41-1-422 22 62                 ________________________________________________________________________------------------------------Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:48:26 -0700 (MST)From: Robert O Gappinger To: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: Data Translation Win95 CompatabilityMessage-ID: I have a DT3155 frame grabber with the DT-Open Layers driver.  According to the help file included in your download, IT is not compatible with DTOL for Win 95, only WindowsNT.  Since I get error messages when I try to set up to acquire an image, I assume this is still true.  Do you have an estimated time of availability for Win95 compatability, or should I look elsewhere?  Any suggestions you may have on software, either shareware or for purchase, would be appreciated.Robert GappingerOptical Sciences CenterUniversity of Arizona------------------------------Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 10:16:28 -0400From: Mark Shopland <>To: IT-LIST Subject: DT3155 Frame Grabber Support under Win 95Message-ID: <>I am trying to use a DT3155 Frame Grabber with IT under Windows 95, withoutmuch success!The DT3155 Device Driver itself seems to have problems under Win 95 -Control Panel/Multimedia/.../Settings for this driver reports "Driver LoadStatus Message - Attempt to establish links to supporting [hardware] havefailed ...".IT, on attempting any DT3155 operations, reports "Unable to open specifiedDT-Open Layers Imaging Device Driver."I am going to try it under NT, but do not yet have NT installed. Doesanyone have any experience of these or similar problems under 95?RegardsMark Shopland, Meldet Ltd, UK------------------------------Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 16:04:01 +0200From: Bostjan Likar To: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: Image Tool source code for Borland C++5.0Message-ID: <>I would like to know if the IT source code is available also for C++ version 5.0.PS: I have problems with downloading ITSDK.ZIP file and I think it has some errors. Would you please check it for me.Many thanks!Bostjan LikarMy complete address is:Bostjan LikarFaculty of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of LjubljanaTrzaska 251000 Ljubljana SLOVENIAPhone: +386 61 1768 248Fax: +386 61 1264 630   e-mail: Fri, 14 Jun 96 16:25:12 BSTFrom: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduCc: Debugging of plug-insMessage-ID: <9606141525.AA03061@tesla>>>Sorry for the delay, I am running a little behind.>>I am currently using Borland C++ v4.52 Integrated Development =>Environment>to develop a plugin for ImageTool. However, the plugin fails to work in>ImageTool due to an ObjectWindows Exception. I have tried using the =>32-bit>debugger but have failed in my attempt to load the DLL source code. It =>gives>me the error message "No symbolic table". Having attempted to relink the =>DLL>with debugging information included, along with all optimisations off, I =>still>get the same error message!>The problem is that the version of ImageTool shipped in the install set =>does not have debugging information in it.  If you want to be able to =>step through ImageTool's source, you will need to recompile the app.  =>The settings in the project file will create debugging information (I =>think).>>However, this is not necessary  You can debug the plug-in without having =>symbols in IT.  The steps are as follows:>1.  Make sure that you have compiled and linked the plug-in with =>debugging information.>2.  Strip the symbol table out of the plug-in using tdstrp32:>  tdstrp32 -s myplugin.dll>3.  Move the symbol file into the directory containing the IT.exe..>4.  Run the 32 bit debugger and load IT.  You will get the "No symbol =>table" message.>5.  Make sure that the directory containing the source for your plug-in =>is in the source path option of the debugger.>6.  Select Load Module (F3).  From the dialog box, select Load symbols =>from the right-hand side.  Pick your plug-in from the file dialog.>7.  At this point, you may need to Load Module again to pick yor DLL's =>source file.>>Is there something I am obviously doing wrong? Has anyone else been able>to successfully load the source code to allow debugging of their =>plugins?>>Please help>>Thanks>J. Glenn>>I hope I got the steps right, this is from memory.>>Don>>DonThanks for the reply but unfortunately I haven't succeeded in loading the source code yet.I completed steps 1-5 okay but in step 6, I was unable to select my plug-in as it was not contained in the list. In an attempt to overcome this I stepped into IT and then back out to the debugger and found my plug-in in the list. Whenever I selected it at this point however I got the same error message again,"No symbolic table".Can you see where I have gone wrong?Thanks for your patience.J.Glenn------------------------------Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 14:39:00 -0500 (EST)From: "Earl J. Sanford 4-6358" To: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: Virtual Memory ProblemMessage-ID: <>      	Hello, I'm another new user to Image Tools, version 1.23. I am       currently experiencing a problem that I have been unable to       resolve. I am trying to size some objects in a 1024 x 1024 TIF       image. I am successful at creating a binary image using either       manual or automatic thresholding. I run into a problem when I       execute the find objects command. The problem is my computer comes       back with a error statement stating that I am running low on       virtual memory, please close other applications .....      	I get this error even when I am running only image tools. The       computer I am using has an INTEL 120 MHz pentium processor with 16       megs of RAM and a 1 Gig hard-drive and is operating under Windows       NT. I have tried to increase my virtual memory, as high as 200       megs, but this does not seem to resolve my problem.      	I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this       problem. If you can, please feel free to contact me in any way you       feel comfortable. My snail-mail, e-mail, and phone numbers are       listed below. Additionally, I can send electronically a copy of one       of my images to anyone who wants one if that would help.      	I am also wondering if ImageTool is a true 32-bit application or       is it a 16-bit application that can be run by Windows NT.            Thanks,            Earl J Sanford                   Sanford_EJ@Corning.Com      Corning Incorporated             (607) 974-6358      HP-BB-01-8                       (607) 974-6953 (FAX)      Corning, NY 14831  U.S.A.------------------------------Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 23:15:17 -0400From: "M. Karthikeyan" To: it-list@sparky.uthscsa.eduSubject: DT3155 support under Windows95Message-ID: <>I recently installed the DT3155 frame grabber and the Windows95 driver thatcomes with it. I am having problems trying to acquire images throughImage Tool. Whenever I try to do a Data Translations acquisition from theFile menu, I receive the following error message:``Error calling DTOL routine: OllmgOpenDevice: OLC_STS_NOOPENDEVICE: Unableto open the specified DT_Open Layers imaging device driver. Make sure that thedevice is not currently open''.It seems to me that Image Tool in its current version does not support theDT3155 framegrabber under Windows95. If this is the case, could somebodylet me know when this support would be available. Thank you.M. KarthikeyanChemical EngineeringRensselaer Polytechnic of IT-LIST Digest 23