Our Process


We meet with the patient, do an assessment on the affected area and determine what type of prosthesis we can or cannot provide. All the options are discussed in detail and photos and sample prosthesis are shown. We go over patient expectations and address any questions or concerns you have. If there are other specialists involved in the treatment we collaborate with them and then come up with a treatment plan.


We apply a soft flexible material directly on the patient’s skin in order to create an accurate model of the patient. The material and process is similar to that of a dentist taking impressions in the mouth or an audiologist making a mold for hearing aids. The process is quick and painless.


prototype sculpted

A wax prototype is sculpted. The prototype is tried on and off the patient to check
the fit and shape. This is typically the longest session of the whole fabrication process. The patient will have plenty of opportunities to view the prototype while wearing it and discuss their preferences.


Color Matching

Color Matching Color Matching
Color Matching Color Matching

Silicone is matched to the patient’s skin tone using special pigments. Each prosthesis is custom color matched to the patient and can mimic veins, freckles or moles.

External Tinting

TintingColette focuses on getting the colors right

After the silicone is cured the prosthesis is trimmed and placed on the patient for a second coloring session. During this session while the patient is wearing the prosthesis it is hand painted by the anaplastologist to match the adjacent skin.



Patients will be instructed on the proper care for their prosthesis – to include training on the application and removal of the device (with either adhesive or by mechanical retention), and proper cleaning (of both the device and the surrounding skin). Annual office visits are recommended to extend the life of the prosthesis.

*Implant retained prosthesis requires two extra appointments for fabrication of surgical guide. They included one impression and one sculpting appointment before the patient’s surgery date. After the allotted healing time for implants the patient comes in for another Impression.